Conference on the Concept of Grounding

The Logic and Cognitive Science Initiative (“LACSI”), which is based in NC State’s Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, organizes and hosts a high-level conference on a select theme every two years. The sixth of these conferences will take place on September 27-28, 2019. The topic is Grounding and Its Applications.

The term “grounding” is used in philosophy to express claims to the effect that states of one kind are dependent on co-temporal states of another kind. For example, someone might claim that biological facts are grounded in chemical facts or that the existence of complex things is grounded in the existence of simple things.

The concept of grounding has attracted a great deal of attention in analytical philosophy over the past decade. Investigators have explored questions about the concept itself (such as Is it analyzable? Is it unitary? Must it be understood realistically?) as well as possible applications of the concept in various fields of philosophy, including metaphysics, philosophy of mind, theory of knowledge and ethics.

The scheduled speakers at the conference will discuss a wide range of issues about grounding.

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